• From Morten Mechlenborg Nørulf

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    Speaker: Nils Daulaire, UiT, The Arctic University of Norway/Harvard School of Public HealthDr Daulaire will discuss key achievements and failures of these efforts over…
  • From Thomas Andrew Qvistgaard Jepps

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    Electrolytes and pH_2
  • From Thomas Andrew Qvistgaard Jepps

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    Electrolytes and pH 1


  • From Christian Grimes Schmidt

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    In this video you will get tips on how to write an engaging and natural script for a teleprompter.
  • From Ulla Blomhøj

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  • From Gert K Nielsen

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    Video 5.3 of Urbanisation and Health: In this video you will learn how to communicate your information efficiently and clearly with data visualisation tools. You will…


  • From Flemming Konradsen

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    The MOOC introduces learners to key environmental health and natural resources management challenges associated with the rapid growth in international tourist arrivals…
  • From Steen Larsen

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    Her beskrives formålet med energiomsætningsøvelsen
  • From Steen Larsen

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    Denne video demonstrerer teorien bag energiomsætningsøvelsen